Membership Guidelines

SELAH of North Texas Membership Guidelines

A. Members and their students are expected to act in such a way that their words and actions promote the unity and encouragement of fellow SELAH families.

B. Members are responsible for the children’s safety and behavior at all times. Children should be supervised at all times when attending SELAH events, activities and field trips. No dropping children off at any event without previously arranged supervision. If dropped off, the attending adult assumes all responsibility for the child(ren).

C. Participation in SELAH field trips, events and activities requires SELAH membership. Mom2Mom meetings are open to guests; specifically to moms who homeschool or are interested in homeschooling.

D. Students should be respectful of all adults while attending SELAH events and activities.

E. Students should be respectful of fellow students while attending SELAH events and activities. No name calling, vulgar language, teasing, bullying or rough physical behavior. Respect others’ personal space.

F. Older students should remember that younger students are looking to them as examples of proper behavior and act accordingly.

G. When in public, families are representing not only their family, but SELAH, homeschoolers in general and above all, the Lord and should act in a manner that will reflect positively on all.

H. If a student chooses to act in a manner that is not fitting with these guidelines, the parent or responsible adult should remove the child from the situation until they are ready to comply. If the parent is not aware of their child’s behavior, it is expected that other parents in close proximity to the child will notify the parent so the situation can be dealt with. This does not release the parent from responsibility. Repeat offenses will result in the child and/or family not being permitted to attend future scheduled group events or activities.

I. When attending SELAH events, field trips or activities, photos may be taken by members or others. These are public events with no expectation of privacy.

J. Dress Code:
Attire should be modest and in good taste at all SELAH events, activities and field trips. Certain events and field trips may require a student to dress up. We believe that the call to modesty comes directly from scripture and honors Christ. Shorts and skirts should be fingertip length or longer. Shirts should show no bare midriffs, backs or cleavage. Clothing should not be sheer and undergarments should not be visible through or outside of clothing. Clothing should not display inappropriate or suggestive language or designs.
For water activities (such as splash pads) we ask for members to exercise modesty in their choices of swimwear and active wear.

K. Social Media:

The Google group is the primary means of communication within SELAH and each member is expected to join this group. Please be kind, respectful and courteous. This is not the place for sales (except homeschool related), politics or divisiveness. If at any time, the board deems a member to be rude, offensive, divisive or in any other manner bringing undue stress or concern among the group, that member will be removed from the Google group. Inappropriate posts will be deleted by an administrator.
The Facebook group is another means of communication within SELAH. Participation is not required. Same rules apply to the Facebook group as to the Google group (see above).

L. Field Trips:

Field trip tickets can only be purchased through the SELAH store. You are not registered for a field trip until payment is received. No refunds will be issued. 

Under no circumstances should a SELAH family contact a field trip venue regarding a SELAH field trip. Contact the field trip coordinator directly via phone or email with questions about field trips.

If you miss the deadline to purchase tickets, a waiting list may be available; contact the field trip coordinator directly via phone or email.

Please do not post field trip related questions to the Google group or Facebook page; contact the field trip coordinator directly via phone or email.

If you sign up for a field trip, you will be expected to attend. Many venues bring in extra staff to assist our group. If we tell them to expect a certain number and many don’t show, it not only reflects poorly on SELAH, but may hurt their business as well. In some cases there may be a waiting list for a particular field trip. In order to accommodate those on the waiting list, please notify the field trip coordinator as soon as possible if you are unable to attend.

Wait to enter field trip venues until directed by the field trip coordinator.

Arrive at the designated meeting place 15 minutes prior to the start time. The group will not wait for late arrivals. Keep the field trip coordinator’s cell phone number handy in case something prevents you from arriving on time.

Additional waivers or releases may be required at some field trip venues. If you are not comfortable signing a waiver or release, please do not purchase tickets.

Any issues that arise which are not covered in these guidelines will be resolved by members of the SELAH Board.