Buyer Instructions


  1. Come with plenty of ONE dollar bills.  No change will be made.
  2. Bring bags to carry your purchases home.
  3. Shop politely.
  4. Do not open packages.
  5. Do not stockpile items.
  6. Open each envelope and put EXACT amount of money inside. Change can not be made at the check out.
  7. Do not detach envelopes from items.  This will be done at check out.
  8. The cashier will remove each envelope, check for correct amount of money in envelope and hand you your items.

DISCLAIMER: While we make every effort to run an honest and orderly sale, SELAH cannot be responsible for any lost or misplaced items, items marked or packaged incorrectly or items with writing or damage. SELAH does not inspect items being sold. Buyers agree to shop at their own risk.