December Mom 2 Mom

Monday, December 1st at 7:00pm

Join us for some COZY fellowship and a Secret Santa gift exchange!

It’s COLD outside.  What comes to mind when you think of keeping WARM?  Wrap that up and bring it for the gift exchange.  Socks, hot chocolate, a scarf – be creative.  Strict $5 limit. 

We’ll have time to fellowship, a short devotional, open discussion and, of course, the gift exchange. 

Open discussion topic for December:  How do you balance it “all” during the holidays?  We know that “doing it all” is really a myth – but how do you balance the holidays with homeschooling?  Do you take off school, have a lighter load, do a special unit study, etc?  Let’s share what works in our families and continue learning from each other.  There are so many good ideas among this amazing group of ladies! 

There will be a Blessings table available, if you have items you’d like to bless another family with. 

We will also have veteran homeschool moms available at 6:40 for any new homeschooling moms that need encouragement, want to ask questions or get ideas.

November Mom 2 Mom

Join us for November’s Mom2Mom meeting
Monday, November 3 at 7:00pm
(See email for location)
Bring a snack to share and join us for a time of refreshing with fellow homeschool moms! 
Our open discussion topic will be THANKFULNESS.  Piggy-backing on our Octoberdiscussion about character, what tips and tricks, resources and ideas do you have to instill the character quality of thankfulness in your children (and in yourself)? 
We also want you to share HOLIDAY TRADITIONS your family enjoys. By discussing this in early November, we’ll have plenty of time to implement some new traditions in our families for the upcoming holidays. 
Are you new to homeschooling and have questions, concerns or frustrations about homeschooling?  Come to Mom2Mom early (6:30-6:40) and we’ll have some experienced homeschool moms available to answer questions or just provide encouragement.

Family Fall Potluck

The Fall Family Potluck at Breckenridge Park is coming up this weekend!   The weather is going to be beautiful and it will be a great time to come hang
out with SELAH families while enjoying the outdoors.  Bring the whole family!Bring your whole family for a fun BBQ potluck dinner, fall crafts, and outdoor games.        

Sunday, October 19, 4-6pm
Breckenridge Park, Entrance C
SELAH will provide drinks, cups, plates, napkins, cutlery, paints, and paintbrushes
**Bring a pumpkin to paint!**

October Mom 2 Mom

Our October Mom2Mom meeting will be all about … you guessed it … CHOCOLATE! 
Bring your sweet tooth and a favorite chocolate snack to share. Chocolate dipped or drizzled or covered anything; brownies, cookies, candy – you get the idea. We’ll enjoy our decadent desserts and plenty of time for fellowship, as well as announcements and a devotion. Of course, there will be {chocolate} door prizes, too. 

There will also be a time for open discussion. Our topic for October is Character. How do you teach/instill character in your children & teens? As homeschoolers, we are in a unique position to influence character in ways we might not otherwise be able to. Are you purposeful in this, and if so, how? We’ll learn from and encourage each other as we talk about our strengths and struggles as they relate to this topic. 

There will be a “Blessings table” available. If you have items you’d like to “bless” other SELAH members with, please bring them. 

September Mom 2 Mom

PLEASE NOTE the address of the Mom2Mom has recently changed! To receive the new address, please email me at Thanks!


SELAH will kick off our 2014-2015 year with our September Mom 2 Mom meeting on Monday, September 8th, 2014 at 7 p.m.  We will be covering all the upcoming events that are offered and spending a little time getting to know eachother.  Do not try to do homeschooling alone, come join us for some support and encouragement.  Details will be sent out to our members by the Yahoo! email group.  If you are not a SELAH member, but would like to join us, send a note via the contact page and we will contact you with the details.