Presentation Night

Presentation Night
November 10, 2017

Presentation Night is an opportunity for your child to practice presenting in front of a crowd. A few presentation options are: Recite a poem or scripture verse; Monologue; Book Report; Science Project; Unit Study Work; How to demonstration.

Following our presentation we will have a reception with finger foods and ask that every SELAH family attending bring a large platter of food to share.

We welcome grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to attend presentation night. We also encourage other SELAH families to attend and cheer on our brave students.

Please contact for more details.

November Mom 2 Mom

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Monday, Nov 6th at 7:00pm

Bring a fall treat to share and join us for an evening of fun, fellowship and encouragement as we learn about tech safety.
Our children are “digital natives.”  They only know life with apps, smart devices, and all things wireless.  How do we keep the natives safe in the unavoidable world of technology?
SELAH dad and tech guru, Ken Irvin, will be our guest speaker! He will provide practical advice about tech safety for our families.
Ken Irvin has worked in various sectors of the Information Technology industry for more than 15 years.  He has worked on everything from large mainframes and data centers to tiny handheld devices.  Learn more about him: 
A Blessings Table will be available, if you have items you’d like to bless another SELAH family with.
Email with any questions or click “How to join” for more information.

Field Trip – Museum of the American Railroad

Join us on November 15th as we explore the history as well as the science & technology of the rail industry.  Explore the influence of technological innovations on everyday life and the vital role the railroad still plays!

Our trip will consist of  2  45 min stations  divided by age groups K-5th and 6th -up  This way the information given on tour enhances the experience.
Educational Program Summary:
In the Museum, students explore the intersection of basic economic concepts such as production, consumption, industrialization, and urbanization. FIELD TO FACTORY situates students in a time before modern technology and explores why railroad development was so critical to successfully shipping agricultural and farming goods. Using critical thinking and problem-solving skills, students learn how the railroads have met and still meet essential needs of moving raw materials to manufacturing centers, and the final products to distribution. With industrial and agricultural products as examples, the journey from origin to consumer is traced. Students also develop an understanding for how local railroad stops turned small farming towns into commercial gathering centers, which evolved into urban cities that attracted people by the thousands.
Train Yard Tour Summary:
The walking tour experience situates students back in time before cars and airplanes, when passenger rail travel was at its zenith. During the walking tour, students climb aboard various types of passenger cars to get the full experience of how passengers slept, ate, and lived while traveling cross-country on trains. Students tour locomotives that were powered by different energy sources, which enhances their understanding of railroad technological evolution. Students also visit a caboose and learn where the train crew lived and slept while not on the job while also simultaneously learning about various jobs on the railroad, such as the conductor, engineer, the fireman, and the brakeman. Finally, students will observe and discuss various freight cars and their functions, such as tank cars, box cars, and refrigerator cars.
No one under 5yrs plz, this is for safety reasons
Deadline for field trip tickets Nov. 3rd  5pm
Field trips are for current SELAH members only.  Please click “How to join” for more information.

October Mom2Mom

Monday, October 2nd at 7:00pm
Choctoberfest & Resource Share
Join us for a night of encouragement and refreshment at Mom2Mom. Bring your favorite chocolate dessert to share or a snack to dip in the chocolate fountain!
The open-discussion topic will be a Resource Share.  What resources, outside of curriculum, complement your homeschooling or make life as a homeschool mom easier? Bring information to share about your favorite class, game, sport, event, club, website, device, app, etc.
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A Blessings Table will be available, if you have items you’d like to bless another family with.  
Email with any questions or click “How to join” for more information.

Mom2Mom Kick-Off

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Mom Circus

Monday, September 11th at 7:00pm

Being a homeschool mom can feel like running a three-ring circus at times.
Being wife, mom, teacher, volunteer, friend, daughter, sibling, employee and more can feel like doing acrobatics.
How do we manage the chaos while avoiding the guilt and feelings of overwhelm the enemy loves to pile on?
Bring a snack to share and join us as we explore this open-discussion topic and learn from one another.

A “Blessings Table” will be available if you have items you’d like to bless another homeschool family with.

Email with any questions or click “How to join” for more information.

August Field Trip

Phonix Farms

Phoenix Farms Field Trip
Students will have a classroom setting and they will discuss nutrition and horse care. Take a tour of the barn and have instructed horse riding lesson. Space is limited to 20 people but we do have option to add another group if needed.

New Member Meeting

SELAH New Member Meeting

Monday, August 7th at 7:00pm

This is our annual meeting for those who would like to learn more about what SELAH is and what we offer local homeschoolers. It will be a casual time for prospective members to meet current members and get more information about SELAH. 

Invite your friends who are just starting their homeschool journey and/or current homeschoolers who desire support, encouragement and thriving relationships with other homeschool families in the area.

Homeschool 101

SELAH Homeschool 101


Brand new to homeschooling? 
Feeling overwhelmed?
Not sure where or how to begin?

Then, this workshop is for you! 
Homeschool 101
Sat, Aug 12th, 9:00-11:30am

You asked and we listened! SELAH is proud to present a Homeschool 101 workshop for new homeschoolers.

We will explain the legal freedoms and requirements to homeschool in Texas and give you plenty of information, tips and tricks to help you start your homeschool journey with confidence.
Veteran homeschool moms will even share what “A Day in the Life” looks like in their homes.

This workshop is open to current SELAH families and their guests.